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But, what is "climate tech"?

Climate tech is a growing category of technologies that help to mitigate or adapt to the increasing impacts of climate change. While many are familiar with “clean tech”, climate tech is a broader category of sustainability-geared technologies broken up into sub-categories that span a wide range of markets and models. While it can be overwhelming to try to wrap your head around what constitutes “climate tech” for the first time, there are some simple ways to understand it.

Climate's 7 verticals

This graphic from CTVC showcases the 7 sectors that climate tech traverses. If you have no idea where to start, consider picking 1-2 of these verticals that are most interesting to you and start your job search/research there.
To explore further, check out CTVC and Project Drawdown’s Solution Library


Carbon Removal and Storage
Carbon Utilization
Point-source Carbon Capture
Carbon Offsets / Marketplaces
MRV and Ratings


Steel, Cement, Chemicals
Efficient Manufacturing
Metals and Mining
Circular Economy
Waste and Recycling


Electric Autos
Zero-emission Aviation and Shipping
Low-carbon Fuels


Clean Power Generation
Energy Storage
Grid Management

Food &
Land Use

Alternative Protein
Regenerative Agriculture
Sustainable Fertilizers
Nature Restoration
Food Waste

Built Environment

Building Materials
Heating and Cooling
Energy Efficiency

Climate Management

Earth Observation
Climate Risk
Emissions Tracking
Emissions Accounting
ESG Investing and Fintech

How to get started

Once you pick a place to start, consider using the following climate job boards to search for open positions across the country - just remember, climate is such a young industry that not all job openings are posted on job boards. Nothing beats good old fashioned networking to learn what opportunities are currently available at companies!

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